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About Bill Sayers

Bill has been praised for his leadership, common-sense approach and ability to inspire sales people to new levels of success. His easy manner and strong public-speaking skills make him an engaging facilitator. Bill connects with senior executives and sales professionals alike, as he shares his real-life experiences and provides the appropriate tools and strategies for success in today's business world.



A Sales Strategy Story

What began as a sales training session turned into a five-year contract for sales strategy for the Canada East operation. As the organization evolved and changed the markets they were in we were called in to help with Strategy.… Read More

Nokia Siemens Networks


A Keynote and Education Story

Nokia Siemens was having their annual North American sales meeting in Miami. They wanted a Keynote and sales education session as part of their two-day event.

In discussions with their Marketing team it was determined that the Keynote would open the session to help set the positive mood for the two days.… Read More



A Sales Enablement Story

OnX had acquired two large USA sales organizations to compliment their Canadian business. They now needed a way to integrate three organizations from two countries into one team. After meetings and discussions with the Leadership team we created a Sales Enablement Program that was very specific to the OnX brand.… Read More

Back to School


It is September and the kids are all heading back to school. One of my old bosses who has been retired for many years is heading back to University for a law degree (It is his second degree since retiring).

In my travels working with sales teams it is always interesting to me the number of times a sales leader tells me that one of their top reps is not interested in learning anything new.… Read More

Taking Stock


There is a lot of “stuff” going on in the world this summer. If you took all that “stuff” seriously you would become anxious and agitated – and many people are. I have come to learn that it is important on a regular basis to take stock of what is going on in your personal life and in your business life.

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The Sayers Group
Bill Sayers is a charismatic teacher who motivates you through his wonderful speaking ability and knowledge of the sales industry. Through the 90 days Bill walks you through the process of selling and ingrains a workable sales approach that you can apply immediately to your business. Within a few short weeks you gain a better understanding of your business, your customers and what you have to do to become successful.

What you find with Bill Sayers is that he is dedicated to helping you becoming successful. He will act as a mentor and lead you in the direction of success. You feed off his enthusiasm, appetite for success and personal approach to coaching. He listens to your needs, diligently and methodically teaches a skill that most are doing "off the seat of the pants" and personally teaches his approach to selling. It is proven, works with any individual's skill level in sales and makes you a winner! I highly recommend it.

"Be Careful what you ask for, as you might just get it..."

I asked to learn how to be a salesman and I received (from this course) a toolbox of sales tools to test the waters in any market.

Thanks Bill!