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About Bill Sayers

Bill has been praised for his leadership, common-sense approach and ability to inspire sales people to new levels of success. His easy manner and strong public-speaking skills make him an engaging facilitator. Bill connects with senior executives and sales professionals alike, as he shares his real-life experiences and provides the appropriate tools and strategies for success in today’s business world.

Get Rid of Clutter

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If you live in a cluttered environment in your business how do find anything and how do you organize yourself? The more you de-clutter the more you gain clarity on your business. The more you de-clutter an issue, the more you gain clarity on the issue.… Read More

Your Team

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Sales is not a solo sport. You need a team to help support you in your success. You need to make sure that those who are helping you know their role and that you are in communication with the team on a regular and consistent basis.… Read More


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We are very distracted in this part of the world. We have interruptions from technology on a minute by minute basis if we allow that to happen. When you are meeting with clients you need to turn your technology off and listen.… Read More

Don’t Quit!!

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We live in a crazy period of time. Business and sales is getting more and more complex. You need to constantly be changing how you play the game of sales. There are lots of times when it would be easy to quit.… Read More


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We need to slow down and take the time to listen to what is being said by our clients and family. We are very distracted in this part of the world. You must focus on clearing your mind and stopping the chatter to enable you to “hear” what is being said and what is not said.… Read More

Show Up!!

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To be a great sales person you need to show up. Showing up on time and being there are just the table stakes in sales. You need to bring value to your organization and your clients every day. You need to go the extra mile and constantly over deliver on your work.… Read More

Time to Reflect

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You need to take time to reflect and think about your business. Too often you are too busy to take the time for yourself and your life. You also don’t take the time to reflect on your business and what you are working on.… Read More

The Three Solutions

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There are always at least three solutions to every problem we come up against in our sales game. Make sure you take the time to know what those three solutions are and which one makes the most sense as your solution.… Read More