A Sales Enablement Story

OnX had acquired two large USA sales organizations to compliment their Canadian business. They now needed a way to integrate three organizations from two countries into one team. After meetings and discussions with the Leadership team we created a Sales Enablement Program that was very specific to the OnX brand. We created four steps to the Program. The first step was a Strategy session. We brought the entire sales leadership team from across North America and put them in a room for two days. We talked about the strategy that would be needed. We covered the walls with flip charts and information. At the end of the two days we had the framework for what we believed that needed to happen in the next three years.

We then worked with the Marketing team and created and packaged the six products we had identified in our strategy session. We then presented the packages and products to the entire sales organization across North America. This was accomplished via Town Hall meetings and marketing materials. We then provided a very focused Web-Ex presentation that was delivered on each product by the VP responsible for that particular product to each office across the company.

The next stage involved the entire Leadership team going to 10 offices across North America. In each office we brought the entire sales team into a hotel for the day. In the morning we discussed and answered questions on the six product lines. In the afternoon we created a competitive bid process. Each Sales person had to prepare and then present an unsolicited proposal to the Leadership team. The proposal was for a real live customer and after this presentation the reps were to call the customer and book a call to present this proposal. The leadership team picked the top three presentations and the winners received $200.00 gift cards.

Upon completion of our tour we did the follow-up and capture of the opportunities we had created in the CRM system. Using this process we created just over 34 million dollars of net new sales opportunities.

Author: Bill Sayers

Bill has been praised for his leadership, common-sense approach and ability to inspire sales people to new levels of success. His easy manner and strong public-speaking skills make him an engaging facilitator. Bill connects with senior executives and sales professionals alike, as he shares his real-life experiences and provides the appropriate tools and strategies for success in today’s business world.

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