Bill Sayers was excellent. Excellent knowledge, excellent stories, detailed map for success. This course is excellent for looking deep into accounts and myself to better understand customers and my own process understanding of how to create strategic account plans.

Dan Gratton
Account Executive, MERX Networks

The course material is 100% applicable for key account representatives. This (course) will absolutely help me develop my career.

Jeremy Maxwell
Account Executive, Canpar Transport

Just when you think you were doing well… you take this (course) and see everything through new eyes.

Joe Dulewicz
Territory Manager, Guardian Building Products Distribution

This course provided a methodical and practical template from which I can restructure my planning process and daily activity. Very worthwhile.

Rich Zidel
Senior Sales Manager, LG Electronics

This course provided new tools to analyze my business in a variety of ways to be more strategic and ultimately more successful. Presented in a fun and interactive way.

Mike Principe
Territory Manager, Welch Allyn

What I liked the most about this course was learning about proper forecasting and ROTI will help with sales success in future deals.

Tyler Rennie
Territory Sales Manager, Wakefield Canada

This was a great course. I really learned the process of determining who is a strategic account and how to manage them. I enjoyed the pace of the lesson plan and the role playing. Bill Sayers was great!

Claudio DiCrescenzo
Sales Manager, Greentec

(This course was) a great opportunity to spend time learning from other peers of various industries.

Cornelius Sawatsky
Sales Manager, Xiris Automation Inc.

Bill Sayers is a great presenter and watching him was great training in itself!

Sarah Terrelonge
Sr. Director – Client Services, Empathica

Dynamic course with many take-aways to effectively manage high profile accounts in a challenging economic climate.

Walter Wiebe
Sr. Sales Manager, DDM/CE Division, LG Electronics Canada Inc.

The flow of the course made it easy to follow and put all the information together!

Trent Andison
Territory Manager, Welch Allyn Canada

Bill Sayers is a knowledgeable, informative and engaging facilitator.

John Merrill
Corporate Account Representative, TIC Travel Insurance

Good refresher of key concepts.

A. Mathers
Director Market Research, Prism Healthcare

Perfect for new sales people or veterans who want to hone their skills.

Jeff Salve
Business Development Manager, NGK Spark Plugs Canada Ltd.

Atmosphere was conducive to comfort those who shy away from participation.

Michelle Spicer
Senior Account Representative, TIC Travel Insurance

Well executed.

Nikolai Bogdanow
Sales, R&M Plastics

What I liked the most about this course was the real life experience and analogies from Bill. Specific role play experience and handout material is detailed and I can use it today. Bill Sayers is a terrific presenter. His “real” experience adds insight to the material presented.

Dwayne Kavanagh
Key Account Manager, LG Canada

Excellent tools to get the job done!

Edison Ramos

Excellent course, gives me a better sense of how to analyze my clients and how to drill down to better grasp their needs.

Willie Grubesic
Major Account Manager, Hewitt Equipment Co.

This course is time and money well spent.

Mohammad Ali
Manager, Dedicated Accounts, Bell Conferencing Inc.

This course is extremely helpful in managing accounts. (The course) trains you in knowing the numbers, doing the research on accounts, knowing who you are selling to and suggestions on where to find that information.

Rob Molyneux
Service Area Manager, Hobert Food Equipment

I liked the take home resources that can be used in the workplace as well as the sharing of real life experiences. I feel confident that I can take what I learned and use it to grow my business in future deals.

Christina Kongas
Corporate Account Coordinator, TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators

Further information regarding the specifics in strategic account management made me rethink how I’m doing business today. Course material and instructor were solid. Bill is knowledgeable and personable.

Derek Turner
National Account Manager, Barnes Distribution

What I liked the most about this course was the collaborative approach between customer and sales. Confirms that our approach to business relations are on track. Lots of good tools and learning. A great and “safe” atmosphere. Things are continually changing, if you don’t learn and grow, you’re left behind.

Ron Plenert

Bill Sayers knew the material, and had the background and experience. Bill’s technique of working with the class and materials has lead me to understand that sales has a strategic path – when followed gets your efforts rewarded.

Joseph Abballe
General Manager, Mainline Services

Broad course content, yet very specific.

Katja Huismans
Integra Consulting

I can actually use this material in real life! Bill Sayers was effective with powerful messages using his experience.

Bill Dowe
Central Dental

What I enjoyed about this course was the current information that helps keep me on top of what is important for my customers.

Mel Feoran

Bill was a fantastic instructor; the real life experiences that were passed on were insightful and relevant. The flow of the course was very good. Bill was fantastic! This course has re-focuses my attention to what needs to be done to move my customers up the value pyramid. It will help me bring value to my customers in all aspects of the selling process.

Nigel Careford
District Sales Supervisor, Phoenix Contract Ltd.

A very good recap and reminder to use certain techniques. I found the course enjoyable and educational. I learned some new skills as well as revisited some techniques I need to employ more often.

Mike Groves
VP Sales, Border Trends

I enjoyed the interaction with participants… experience Bill provided and course content was organized in an easy to follow manner. Great experience and anecdotes.

Thomas Angelidis
Ecommerce Account Manager, Spin Master

Bill is a very effective speaker and conveys the message well.

Jeff Keddie
Regional Manager, Carstar

What I liked the most about this course was the real world examples and references that assisted in embracing the information shared with the class. If you don’t know where you are going you will always be there.

Robert Jasper

Content was very good. Bill spoke well and continued to drive home the value. Great job! Keep up the great work!

Colby Duke

What I enjoyed the most about this course was the practicum and practice at work involved; it helps to put things down on paper to have ideas materialize.

Linda Matthews

Techniques taught are qualitative and quantitative. Processes that I will use daily to grow my business and partnerships with my customers. Excellent course for large account selling.

William “Ryan” Mills
National Account Manager, Barnes Distribution

This is way too spooky. Just as I was reading this email, the song “When I Grow Up” by the Pussy Cat Dolls was on the radio. As I was reading Bill’s last sentence, the song came to the point where they say “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Wow! I couldn’t help but write to share that with everyone. Totally spooky! …Thank you to everyone for being such a fabulous group and making this course probably the most interesting and rewarding one I have attended in some time.You’re all amazing!

Deon Reid
Insurance Sales Representative, ICBC

Easy to follow…uses real time data and accounts for course.

Account Manager, Intervet Canada Corp

Very relevant and great instructor!

Rob Lippa
Solutions Development, NGC Product Solutions

Opened my perspective on what areas need polishing in my sales approach! Bill was great! Kept it moving

Ryan Lima
Field Sales, Trican

Learning about costing formulas allows me to put a dollar value on my time.

Quinn Cannody
Regional Manager, Nilfisk Advance

Great presenter and straight to the point! Good work!

Chris Nolan
Digital Security Controls

Bill was great, had us engaged from moment one until we left!

Katie Coulson

You gave me your book and I wanted to thank you for it. I was given the huge task of reviving a very depleted Worship Team at the church Ian (my hubby) and I attend. I have 3 months to turn one dying group of 6 into 3 or 4 groups of six passionate and inspiring teams I knew I would somehow get the answer to pull this all off and then 2 days after you gave me the book, I read through it and voila – there was the template that I needed.

Michell Sim

What a great finish to our sales meeting in Kingston. I especially like your delivery manner, the easy flow and the challenging comments. I am hearing that everyone enjoyed and heard your message. I especially liked your comments on attitude. Sales agents were pointing out; people with in our group that when they come into a room they seem to glow. I would like to have you back and talk on the price issue to our group. It is one key issue with us, and I do believe your right when you say we make it the issue. Thanks, again. I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Paul Wight
Sales Manager, Pickseed

I want to thank you for doing yet another amazing job yesterday! I spoke with John today and was really
pleased with how the day went. He most enjoyed the practical suggestions you made for improvement and
very much appreciated the pragmatic approach you employed to support a better performance that without
sacrificing his personal style. He is definitely feeling more confident and is actually looking forward to his
next presentation. Quite an accomplishment in one day!!! Thanks again for doing what you do to help CMC
come through with glowing colours Bill!

Jo Bouchard
National Account Director, CMC

You reminded me that tracking my goals was an essential predictor of accomplishment. Thank you!

Mary Keller
Learning Consultant, Element K

Bill Sayers is knowledgeable and personable.

Nowell Berg

Bill Sayers is a charismatic teacher who motivates you through his wonderful speaking ability and knowledge of the sales industry. Through the 90 days Bill walks you through the process of selling and ingrains a workable sales approach that you can apply immediately to your business. Within a few short weeks you gain a better understanding of your business, your customers and what you have to do to become successful.

What you find with Bill Sayers is that he is dedicated to helping you becoming successful. He will act as a mentor and lead you in the direction of success. You feed off his enthusiasm, appetite for success and personal approach to coaching. He listens to your needs, diligently and methodically teaches a skill that most are doing “off the seat of the pants” and personally teaches his approach to selling. It is proven, works with any individual’s skill level in sales and makes you a winner! I highly recommend it. “Be Careful what you ask for, as you might just get it…”

I asked to learn how to be a salesman and I received (from this course) a toolbox of sales tools to test the waters in any market.

Thanks Bill!

Cameron Tedford

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Driving Performance workshop Bill delivered here at Gore Mutual the past couple days. The feedback we received was extremely positive. Bill is a delight to watch and learn from. He effectively engages participants and relays the course content in a relevant and interesting manner. Personally I learned a great deal from him even though I couldn’t take part in the entire session.

A big thank you to you and to Bill for all of your efforts.We look forward to seeing Bill again in November.

Rhonda Reist
Training Specialist, Gore Mutual Insurance Company

It was a great course for not only seasoned reps but those new to sales as well. This is one of the only courses I’ve attended that provided practical and useful tools.

Lara Lamsay
Marketing Manager, Capri Insurance

Bill has a great ability to motivate and lead his staff, and encourage his colleagues. He deals with issues openly, and aims for positive outcomes. Bill ensures that actions are well documented and, most important, are followed-up. His dynamic personality also ensures that the work environment is both productive and fun!


I had the chance to participate in a Sales seminar organized by Bill in February 2003. Bill is a very dynamic leader, especially during brain storming sessions. Following the brain storming sessions, Bill demonstrated an uncanny ability at organizing into meaningful information the raw data he had collected from participants.


An excellent understanding of business practices. Understanding sales cycles, account management with focus on client relationships. Broad range of experience, knowledge of sales, management and negotiations skills of win-win scenarios. Superior knowledge in supporting and team building. Leadership is one of his strong qualities.


Whether you are a newbie to sales, or a seasoned veteran who has seen and done it all, the Bill Sayers’ Sales Coaching program is one you’ll want to take. The interactive method, with participants from a diverse cross-section of industries, presents a rich learning opportunity for every sales professional who is truly interested in learning new skills or re-honing skills once used but perhaps now ignored. After 16 years in sales and sales management, Bill’s refreshing direct and to the point style, allowed me to re-focus myself on the things we all need to be doing to be at our peak performance in the sales game.

Todd Phillips

Bill Sayers is a consummate Sales Management Professional. I’ve witnessed his superior motivational skills and his ability to successfully coach sales professionals to focus on their goals.

25 years in the sales profession

I think your book is excellent, and we will use it as our guidebook.

Thomas J. Johannsen
ATC Formulated Polymers Inc.

Bill Sayers brings to the table a seasoned sales leadership skill honed over many years of “in the trenches” sales experience. He can walk the talk. He is able to communicate, to both new sales professionals and those with years of experience, exactly what they need to be focusing on today.

Warren Edgar
Senior Financial Advisor, Assante Capital

This is one of the best and most valuable sales training programs I have ever been a part of. I find the tips and techniques very beneficial and realistic.

Thanks again Bill for all your help.

Riaz Hamir
Royal LePage Assignment Solutions

What most impressed me about Bill Sayers was his ability to adapt to everyone’s unique sales experience. His coaching techniques offered comments and suggestions that were pertinent to each individual. Personally, this program kept me focused and the session on sales forecast and funnel was a real eye opener.

I look forward to building a successful business and keeping it that way.

Thanks Bill!

Diane Rusk
Insurance Specialist

Bill’s presentation was excellent. Its content was quite appropriate, and interesting to everyone who attended. Although many of those who attended have a fair amount of experience in making presentations, everyone came away from the event with something Bill said that had struck them as useful, that they would incorporate in future presentations. Bill’s speaking style is professional and engaging, he has lots of energy, and he made a great connection with his audience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

GPC International

Bill is a great sales leader, his knowledge is powerful and his enthusiasm is contagious. I respect his straightforwardness, but most of all his desire to please customers.


I wanted to write a quick note to you to thank you very much for the seminar that you did for us in Ottawa in January. Your business is predominantly geared towards sales leadership and sales success achievement; however, after attending one of your seminars myself I felt that you would do an equally excellent job facilitating a more operational based group of people. The results were greater than we could have hoped; as your ability to conduct and facilitate a potentially challenging situation helped us achieve what we set out for ourselves. Not only was it successful for the company, all the participants really enjoyed
the one-day seminar, as evidenced by their ongoing appreciation for the time and your ability to provide a targeted and prioritized set of goals.

Thank you very much and please feel free to have people call me for future references – I am sure we will be calling upon you soon again ourselves.

Tim Mabey
Partner, ExitCertified Corporation

I wanted to touch base and again thank you for your session earlier this month at the CMC office. I had three deals to try and move forward upon my return on Thursday and Friday. I managed to get all three to a minimum of a verbal commitment/operations endorsement. That is almost unheard of in this market. Your course had direct impact in each of these calls. I took about an hour for each call and planned. I actually contemplated all the variables and came up with answers. Next, I used emotion in the lead. Even though I was previously taught this skill, I lost it somewhere as my personality likes to get right to the figures. In all cases, the time invested (5 min) on emotion changed the entire tone of each meeting. They all started collaborating on a way to get the deal done. What a great position to be in.

The biggest thing I took out of this; I can’t think I know it all because I took professional sales training 12 years ago. Refresher training is ongoing. I think Tiger said it, if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. I see that.

So thanks, it was a great eye opener for me.

Brad Lagassé
C.E.O, Springboard Management Inc.

I don’t care if you’ve been selling for thirty years, or whether this is your first day–there’s something in this book for you. “The Technology Trap” all by itself is worth the price of admission. Get this book and devour it at once.You’ll be glad you did.

Hank Trisler
Author of No Bull Selling

Are you in the top 20% of your sales team, company or industry? Funnels & Forecasts is a practical, nononsense guide that will get you there.

Mike Brooks
Mr. Inside Sales, award winning author of The Real Secrets of the Top 20%

Funnels & Forecasts is an absolute must have for your sales library. In this book Bill Sayers gives you all the ammunition you need to blow away your competitors.

Jeb Blount
CEO of, Author of Power Principles and Sales Guy’s 7 Rules for Outselling the Recession

I would like to thank you for the training provided in Saskatoon. I have participated in multiple training courses but the one provided by you has been by far the best. The half-day workshop was more beneficial to me with more takeaways than other 3 day courses I attended. One thing that disappointed me and a couple other people I talked to was that we did not share our goals with the group. I realize that some people would be uncomfortable but you could ask the group if they would like to share their goals. I have pride in my goals and I did share them with some of my co-workers.

Greg Adelman
Business Representative, BASF – The Chemical Company

Thank you for your empowerment talk yesterday. The last time I was entranced on that level was some twelve years ago, when I listened to a three hour talk given by Denis Waitley, I never was the same again after that evening.

Keep up your great work, if you are ever in Kitchener-Waterloo, I will treat you to some calories and a tour of our facility.

Richard Harris
CEO, La Patisserie – Fine Cakes and Pastries Inc.

Bill Sayers is one of the great minds in sales today. He understands the game and knows how to coach and inspire winners. Bill is a great mentor for anyone interested in improving and his common sense approach to sales is timeless. Funnels & Forecasts will entertain you, inspire you and deepen your understanding of the great game of sales.

Jim Morris
Senior Vice President Sales, Element K

Simplicity rocks. Bill Sayers has a knack for clear concise writing that resonates with sales people. His practical insights and revelations on the mindsets of top performers are based on his years of coaching and time in the trenches. Make this book required reading – once a year, every year!

Clayton Shold
President, Salesopedia

Funnels & Forecasts is an entertaining and powerful read that should become a permanent fixture in the “Road Warrior” kit for every sales person. Sayers tells us stories from his own very successful career to provide both inspiration and practical advice from a guy who continues to “Go there, do that, and get the Tee Shirt every single day”.

Geoff Garden
Managing Partner / Co-Founder, The MIHI Group

Bill has done a wonderful job of encapsulating the human experience that is selling and what it takes to be successful. Through his own experience he shares insights that can help novices and professionals alike and his own passion, integrity and respect for the profession are inspiring.

William H. Smalley
President, SCI International Inc.

The Great Game of Sales offers practical, straight up advice for sales people to accelerate their careers. Bill Sayers weaves together excellent selling strategies with his own experiences. You will walk away understanding what it takes to achieve the next level in your sales career.

Jeremy Miller
Partner, LEAPJob

Excellent program! Well taught and had lots of useful information and examples. I enjoyed the role playing, examples and active participation in this course.

Account representative

Bill Sayers was outstanding! I learned more about our business without even knowing it.

Erin Tavares
Assistant Sales Manager, Greentec

Well organized, multimedia, Bill Sayers is a very knowledgeable and experienced presenter.

Marta LaForest