Lead by Example


You get what you lead by ……………….

Over the years I have had the chance to work for some wonderful leaders and sadly, more often than not, have worked for some terrible leaders. You get the results you get based on your leadership style. The best leaders I ever worked for or with are the leaders who have a very clear strategy. That strategy is well communicated. They seek and listen to peoples opinion. They may not always support or use your advice – however you know they listened and they know how you feel about an issue and have acknowledged that. They are forward thinkers and they do not let anything get in the way of their success. There are always solutions to every challenge that arises. They support your role and they hold you accountable. They don’t ask you to do anything that they are not already doing in the business. They were honest and ethical and they were hard working. They gave credit for the team effort and take full responsibility for any issues that arise out of their team or business unit.

Lead your people!

In business we want a good leader not a micro manager. My favourite “bad” managers are like this: They tell you what they want and they tell a great story. Then they push all their work load onto their people. They share very little and they put the fear of god into you. In private they tell you are doing great job. In public they berate you and they take credit for all your work and lambaste you for that one error you made. Nothing is ever good enough and they bully you in a subtle way that makes you start to wonder about your own capability. Very few individuals are capable of managing these types of managers and the turnover rate of staff is extremely high. The biggest challenge is that these managers are exceptional at managing up and having leadership believe they are great and that the problem is their incompetent staff!! Sadly these bullies still exist in business and HR and management don’t seem to want to take them on.

My Uncle Jack was a senior Executive and a very successful man. In my early 20’s he gave me this great advice: Billy, in business, shit and cream both rise to the top – your mission, in business, is to determine which is which!! Those wise words have never failed me and once I know which one you are, I can set my expectations and actions accordingly.

Mirror the Great leaders you have known ………………….

Think of the great leaders you have worked for. What made them great? Write down those attributes and make them part of your leadership style. People love to be around great leaders and to work for them. The more you become a great leader the more success you will have within your company and within your community.

Author: Bill Sayers

Bill has been praised for his leadership, common-sense approach and ability to inspire sales people to new levels of success. His easy manner and strong public-speaking skills make him an engaging facilitator. Bill connects with senior executives and sales professionals alike, as he shares his real-life experiences and provides the appropriate tools and strategies for success in today’s business world.

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