Sales Clinic


The Sales Clinic™ was created to be a place for performing sales people to come together and get the knowledge, support, guidance and wisdom to help them become better sales people and better human beings.

It is a community for sales people! The community is made up of experienced sales people. They are sales reps that are the middle of the pack to consistent over achievers. In my Rule of 5™, I talk about the one super star and the 2 performers. Those are the reps that will be part of the community. It is a yearlong commitment. A commitment that when made, will pay dividends for your success and sales game.

I believe that this program will change how you sell. It will become a community where you will come back again and again for the support and wisdom you deserve, as you become an even better sales person.

The Sales Clinic community will become a place where reps know they can come to get better, get the support they need. A place where they can hang out with other high performing sales people that get and understand the sales game. A place where you can be pushed, challenged, changed, hugged, supported and recognized for your success.

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The Sales Clinic™ is a yearlong program for sales people. It has been created so that successful sales people can come together to learn more about the Great Game of Sales. The Sales Clinic™ creates an environment that allows the sharing of ideas, experiences and support to help each individual find the things they need to become better sales people and to balance their personal and work life. Our goal at The Clinic is to provide the environment that supports that growth and stretches sales people to be even greater sales people and better individuals.

The clinic is a yearlong investment and commitment in your sales development and evolution. You will receive 4 one-day clinics, 6 team conference calls and all the e-mail support you need.

You will have access to a private members site that contains, video and written support material. There are assessment tools and a chat room for you to interact with teammates.

You will have the opportunity to be part of a group of sales people that share the same vision – I am a great sales rep: How do I keep my performance at the current level and become even more accomplished.

Our corporate program allows for successful reps to attend an open program or for us to create a program for your team of top reps. Either program will benefit your reps and provide them with a community that will support their growth and achievements.

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The Sayers Group has provided selling “Solutions” to many of our clients:

  • Helping them to shorten their sales cycle
  • Getting the metrics and process to better manage their sales cycle
  • Gain a better understanding of what the customer requires and provide the best “Solution”.
  • This is accomplished by value proposition creation and messaging through case study work.
  • Creating value for their customers through their ability to better understand the customer, the deal and how to best create the value for the customer on each deal

The objectives of Solutions selling are…

What is it the client is really looking to do?
Taking the time to ask the right questions and understand the deal and what the customer wants to do. Today clients are calling you when they are ready to put a deal together – that puts you at a real disadvantage. Our goal is to get in front of clients earlier and with a focused value proposition.

Creating the right set of sales tools and process for your team?
How are you using your CRM? What rigour do you have around your forecast and pipeline? What selling tools are you using and making part of your selling process?

Having the routine and rigour to manage the process and accountability of the team? When do you meet? What do you review? How do you hold the sales team accountable?
How do you shape the deal and manage the customers buying process What is the clients buying process? What is your selling process? How do you make that work to the benefit of the client? How and when do you push back with the client? How do you create value instead of becoming a commodity?

Selling Modules

  1. Selling in 2016
  2. Forecasting Process
  3. Value creation
  4. Personality Types
  5. Business Case
  6. Deal Shaping
  7. Case Studies and Testimonials
  8. Pipeline and Pipeline Management
  9. The Buying Process
  10. Social Media and Selling
  11. Live Deal Review
  12. Questions and the power or good questions
  13. Sales Metrics and Management
  14. Forecasting Rigour
  15. Deal Stages and Management
  16. Relationship and contact plans
  17. Meeting Plans
  18. Meeting Agendas
  19. Deal Closing
  20. Contracting and Negotiation
  21. Approval Process
  22. Competition and Product Differentiation
  23. Creation of Opportunities
  24. Qualification of Deals
  25. Pricing Reviews
  26. Relationship Management
  27. Forecast Probability
  28. Selling Profitable deals
  29. Team Selling
  30. Demand Creation
Too often today sales teams get caught up in doing “stuff”. When I am talking to senior Executives there is a common theme: How do I find good sales people? How do I get better forecasting from my sales teams? How do I know what my sales people are doing at any given time and how do I know if they are doing the right things?

Our Strategic sessions can be half a day, a full day or two full days. It really depends on what we want to accomplish. The strength we have in our sessions is that we get the sales, operations and finance teams in the sessions as often as possible. It allows for a better discussion and understanding of what the strategy will mean to the organization and the sales efforts. We create a 90-day plan that allows us to keep our efforts focused on a shorter period of time (not a year) and allow us to create a sense of urgency with the work we need to do.

We document all that was discussed and shared. We get commitments for timing of to-do’s and who is responsible for each action item.

We follow the same format each time we do the sessions. Get the strategy identified, what are the action items and responsibilities for each item and what it means to the success of the business. We hear from all the stakeholders and get agreement and documentation on what we want to accomplish. We create timelines and who is responsible for each part of the strategy. We then do coaching and team calls to ensure we keep the sense of urgency and the correct focus for the 90 days.