Funnels and Forecasts

Funnels & Forecasts – The Great Game of Sales

I learned a long time ago that I know a lot, yet I don’t know a whole lot more. I am amazed on a regular basis by the successes reps have, the things they do to be successful, and what a great profession sales is. I am also amazed on a regular basis by how poorly companies treat their sales people, how poorly sales people behave, and the lack of responsibility they take for their actions and results.

I ask you to take a good look at how your sales career is doing. Are you successful and at the top of your game? Are you the $1,000,000 a year rep or are you the $30,000 a year rep? Only you can answer the question honestly. If I do nothing except get you to answer that question honestly and then take action to get you to the next level of sales success, then I am honoured.

This book is set up to read and use as a reference guide. My suggestion is that you read it once and then go back and complete the “Sayers Says” exercises at the end of each chapter. Afterwards, put the book on your desk shelf. The next time you notice the book, pick it up, open it at any page, read that page, and see what happens.

Good luck to you and my wish is that your sales career brings you great wisdom and wealth.

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