A Sales Strategy Story

What began as a sales training session turned into a five-year contract for sales strategy for the Canada East operation. As the organization evolved and changed the markets they were in we were called in to help with Strategy. Each quarter we would hold a one-day session with the business unit General Manager and their leadership team and BD team. We would create Strategic Account Plans. We would create call plans for the team in each account. We would identify target clients or markets and create the strategy for how we would go and win the business.

The sessions worked well and the operations leadership grew the revenue and EBIDTA year over year. The key to the success was that we always had the operational and sales teams in the room to create and agree on the strategy and plans we were going to create. We debated, argued and sometimes could not agree. However as the strategy was executed on, the plans would evolve and the teams would create their success.

During 90-days we spend time with the business leaders and BD members to coach and support their efforts with the plans created. The coaching helped keep a laser focus on the right activities and identify when we were not keeping on track.

Author: Bill Sayers

Bill has been praised for his leadership, common-sense approach and ability to inspire sales people to new levels of success. His easy manner and strong public-speaking skills make him an engaging facilitator. Bill connects with senior executives and sales professionals alike, as he shares his real-life experiences and provides the appropriate tools and strategies for success in today’s business world.

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